Ordering "The Ash Tree - a novel"

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Monday, July 27, 2015

"The Ash Tree" now generally available.

"The Ash Tree" is now available to libraries and independent bookstores through Baker & Taylor, and I hope you'll encourage your local library and indie bookstore to order it!

Here again is a brief summary: "The Ash Tree" (ISBN 9780981854762) tells a timeless story of the romance and marriage between an American Armenian girl and her immigrant husband who survived the 1915 Armenian Genocide in Turkey. 

In the aftermath of the Genocide from the twenties to the early seventies, the couple and their three children become vivid, quintessentially American characters, only for tragedy to find them again, echoing the staggering loss of 1915. 

Its cover painting with its frayed and white-washed frame is by the author’s wife, Jeanette Melnick. Lovingly produced and brilliantly structured to combine history and fictionalized memoir, The Ash Tree is an important, beautifully written novel of survival, new life, and heartbreak.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

a fine notice from the "Armenian Weekly"

Here's the link to a fine notice about The Ash Tree in the "Armenian Weekly:"

A month ago, on June 15, one hundred people showed up for my reading from the novel at the Beachwood branch of the Cuyahoga Public Library. The hosting librarian said it was a remarkable event, "with so much emotion in the room" and "more books sold" than at any comparable event there. Another Cleveland reading is in the works for September - stay tuned.

Two wonderfully insightful reviews appeared on the Amazon site for The Ash Tree, and we are hoping for more reviews to surface on-line and maybe in newspapers.

For further details, take a look at (and hopefully you'll like) the facebook page for the novel at https://www.facebook.com/theashtreeanovel.

Thanks for everyone's support.